Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn


“Victory is a far-flung shore. Mark the skies, abide the tide, trust your crew – and she will be yours.”

Merlwyb was born aboard her parents’ ship, a raiding vessel; she took to the Lominsan seafaring life at a young age, at when the option provided itself jumped at the chance to carry on her family’s business – the most ancient of Lominsan trades, piracy. In the Roegadyn language, her name translates directly to “Sea-woman Bluefish-daughter.” Her last name comes from her father, the pirate Bloefhis (Blue-fish), who led the League of Lost Bastards, a reknowned pirate crew.

When Merlwyb discovered that her father had betrayed the people of Limsa Lominsa and was consorting with Sahagin fish-folk, Merlwyb dueled her father alone and slew him in single combat. She took command of the Lost Bastards, and upon returning to Limsa Lominsa, Merlwyb won the trident – the highest symbol of Lominsan authority – and rose to the position of Admiral within the Maelstrom.

Ironically, she proceeded to impose strict regulations on piracy within Limsa Lominsa, going so far as to limiting the subject of piracy to Garlean ships. While many pirates have been more than happy to continue their work while fighting the Garleans, some chafe under what they perceive to be her unjust rule.

Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn

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