Background History

Fifty-six years ago, in 1521 of the Sixth Astral Era, the remote Republic of Garlemald, situated on the northern continent of Ilsabard, utilized their cutting-edge magitek weaponry to fulfill its dreams of conquest. Led by then Legatus and Solus zos Galvus, the once-tiny nation proceeded to subjugate the rest of the continent. One year later, Ilsabard was under the control of the newly-established Empire of Garlemald, led by its new Emperor Solus zos Galvus; not content with this victory, Garlemald turned south to the continent of Othard, home to the nation-state of Doma and its native Au Ra.

By 1552, Othard had fallen, and now Emperor Galvus turned to Aldenard, the third, western continent on Hydaelyn, and launched his armies into war once again. The once belligerent city-state of Ala Migho fell in 1557,  and the armies of Garlemald pushed forward into the heart of Eorzea. They made their way to the heart of Eorzea, the region of Mor Dhona, and were savagely repulsed not by people, but by the Midgardsomr, the great dragon-king and guardian of Mor Dhona's Silvertear Lake. Sacrificing their greatest airship, the Agrius, the Garleans managed to slay Midgardsomr, whose corpse encircles the ship to this day. Nonetheless, the Garlenas suffered incredible losses and still faced the now-enraged army of dragons Midgardsomr had called forth, and thus retreated back to Ala Migho to regroup. The damaged caused by the battle, combined with the copious amoung of magical aether in the area scarred the region, and to this day Mor Dhona is a barren wasteland.

As the Garleans plotted their next move, many of the beast tribes, long-suffering under the cruelty and oppression of the peoples of Eorzea, saw an opportunity to strike back. They managed to summon their gods, the Primals, and were only stopped by the bravest and mightiest of adventurers - all of whom claimed to be protected by a mysterious power which shielded them from the mind-altering magicks and devastating power of these Primals. Concerned by this information, the Garleans decided that the beast tribes posed an unacceptable risk, and Emperor Solus demanded no less than the total subjugation of the beast tribes. Legatus Nael van Darnus, one of the greatest engineers and strategists in the Empire, proposed a different idea – instead of subjugating the tribes by invasion and having to deal with the Eorzean city-states, why not simply destroy the lands of Eorzea in one fell swoop? 

Nael's idea, dubbed Project Meteor, would rely on relics from the ancient Allagan Empire; he clamed that by reverse-engineering certain devices in his family's posession, he could call down one of Hydaelen's two moons – Dalamud – and destroy Eorzea and its peoples without the need for fighting. An aging Emperor Solus approved the project, and despite the objections by many other Legates that doing so would leave Eorzea unfit for conquest, the plan moved forward. Despite multiple raids by the allied forces of Eorzea into Castrum Novum, Nael's primary base of operations, and even the destruction of critical transmitters and other components central to the project, Project Meteor continued without pause. The once smaller moon, Dalamud, began to descend upon Eorzea with seemingly no way to halt it. Not even information leaked to the Eorzean Alliance could stop the descent of the moon.

Upon the Cartenau Flats just beyond the walls of Castrum Novum, the armies, adventurers, mercenaries and militia of Eorzea made a final assault on Castrum Novum, desperate to find any way to stop Dalamud's impact. To their shock, the moon did not crash into the planet; instead, it split open, revealing that Dalamud was no moon – rather, it housed Bahamut, Primal god of the Dragons. Bahamut broke free and began to savage the lands below; exhausted from fighting each other and devestated by the shards of moon piercing the battlefield, the armies of Eorzea and Nael's VIIth Legion could do nothing to stand before Bahamut's might.

In a last-ditch attempt to stop Bahamut from destroying Eorzea, wizard and renowned scholar Louisoix Leveilleur, prepared to cast a spell only he knew of; the surviving adventurers fought against both Garlean and Bahamut alike in an attempt to ensure its success. They managed to protect Louisoix, even slaying Nael in the process; once the spell was cast, its power sundered the earth and shattered the skies. When the survivors awoke, the lands had changed and Bahamut was gone – as was Louisoix, and the adventurers who had joined the battle. Nobody is sure what happened, and Louisoix's spell appears to have wiped those brave adventurers from the minds of every living being on the planet. To this day, these adventurers are known only as the Warriors of Light in thanks of their service – and because today, when one tries to remember them, all one can see is a glowing light.

Background History

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