Character Background Help

Information on creating a lore-friendly name and background for your character is found here, divided by race. If you'd rather not go through the trouble of making your own name, here's a link to a random name generator with options for each race.

First, you'll want to pick a race as found in the guide; next, you'll want to select their background. For Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te and Lalafells, this is up to you, though it's probably best to pick a background that makes sense for the sort of person who would decide to start adventuring for a living. Most common Eorzean folk are labourers, craftsmen or merchants. It's also worth noting that in this setting, anyone can be wield magic if they study it hard enough, though of course some people are more naturally talented at doing so. (If you're really intense about getting into character, maybe take a look at the city-state we're starting the campaign in and go from there.)

Au Ra characters are the exception; because they're not native to Eorzea, and due to the Garlean occupation, all Auri are by necessity refugees, or the children of refugees. 

Next, pick a class. This is pretty standard stuff. Keep in mind that although the each guild has its own central branch in a specific location, they all have representatives in the other city-states (though this can range from an actual guild branch to a few representatives.) Generally speaking this won't be an issue plot-wise, but if the party wants to visit a guild for information, equipment, quests, etc, some classes will have some issues as described below.

Astrologians: The Astrologian's Guild is based out of the Coerthas Central Highlands, in the Obvervatorium of Aetherical and Astrological Phenomena. This area is not far from Ishgard, which won't be accessible (unless you like being eaten by dragons and other assorted monsters) until the party has leveled up a few times.

Dark Knights: There is no guild for Dark Knights; as wandering knights, they have no home base and often work alone or in small groups. Players wishing to speak to the equivalent of a guild leader or mentor will have to find one.

Dragoons: The Dragoon's Guild is also located in the Coerthas Central Highlands, in the Ishgardian-controlled Camp Dragonhead.

Bards: Eorzea has no Bard's College; the closest thing to one was in Sharlaya, one of the areas conquered by Garlemald. Instead, the bard-adventurers of Eorzea have been known to congregate around the Archer's Guild located in Gridania.

Machinists: The Machinist's Guild is located in Ishgard. However, Limsa Lominsa is home to a Gunnery Guild, which despite being unaffiliated is fully capable of serving as a replacement.

Character Background Help

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